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Giant York Performance Cycling Coaching

Giant York Performance Cycle Coaching is about achieving your goals, so you simply get the most out of riding whatever you ride, whatever you race. Novice cyclist or internationally competitive triathlete…our cycling coach is experienced in developing bespoke, effective training program across a vast range of ability levels and types of goals.

All potential clients receive a free initial consultation with our York based cycling coach, Tom Ramsay.
This informal chat over coffee will help you identify your goals, and provide you with an insight into what to expect from our coaching services. This will also help establish which of our coaching packages is right for you.

Whichever package you choose, your training program will be tailored to you based on your goals, level, and the amount of time you are able to invest in training. For silver and gold coaching packages, your totally bespoke training program will also be underpinned by physiological fitness testing.

Giant York Coaching

All physiological fitness testing takes place in our WattBike performance suite, or at York St John University’s lab for V02 max testing. This testing allows us to precisely define and refine fitness levels, training zones, targets and progress.

Our service is as personalised as your training program, and we really encourage our clients to pop into Giant York for cycling chat and to come out riding with us. As Giant York’s Performance Specialist, Tom is invariably in store if he’s not out riding!

Whether you are embarking on your very first 50km ride, or struggling to improve a plateauing time-trial personal best or triathlon split, get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. Call us on 01904 622868 or email coaching@giant-york.co.uk  and we will get in touch with you.

Coaching Packages

Gold - £199 per month

The Gold standard for any athlete looking to reach the very top of their performance, competing nationally in either triathlon, road, track or cross. If you train with a heart rate monitor and power meter this is most likely the right package for you.

Silver - £99 per month

The Silver package is perfect for any athlete aiming for a more refined goal. If you train with a heart rate monitor this is most likely the right package for you.

Bronze - £49 per month

An ideal package for athletes who are just starting out and would like a good introduction to training and how to improve performance. 

All packages run for a minimum 3 months.  

Get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. Call us on 01904 622868 or email coaching@giant-york.co.uk. 

Fitness Testing

Sub-Maximal Lactate Threshold Test - £99

  • Pre-test physiological and anthropometric measurements taken
  • Structured sub-maximal stepped test including lactate testing via finger pricked blood samples – performed on Wattbike
  • Associated performance data taken: Heart rate, Power output
  • Full performance report following, stating HR and Power values at Lactate Threshold and Lactate Turn-Point, with advised training zones

Full Athlete Performance Report - £139

  • Pre-test physiological and anthropometric measurements taken
  • Sub-Maximal Lactate Threshold test
  • Maximal Ramped test to exhaustion used as a accurate predictor of VO2max with associated physiological measures taken (HR and Power data)
  • Maximal 6s Anaerobic peak power test
  • Full performance report stating results from each test with associated physiological values, including HR and Power at Lactate Threshold and Lactate Turn-point, maximal aerobic power, predicted VO2 max and peak anaerobic power.

Meet The Coach

Meet the coach

Tom Ramsay (Bsc)  

Our lead coach Tom Ramsay has worked with clients ranging from novice cyclists through to internationally competitive triathletes, so is skilled in designing bespoke, effective training programs whatever your level or goals.

To read his full profile and achievements, please click here.

If you would like to arrange to call by for an informal consultation with Tom about your goals and what we offer, please call 01904 622868 or email coaching@giant-york.co.uk.