Recon HL 1800 Named Best Overall Front Bike Light On Road.CC Top Picks List

01 November 2023


Road.CC Writer, Emily Tillett, has created a helpful guide to assist riders in finding the perfect front bike light and the Giant Recon HL 1800 was awarded a fantastic 4 ½ stars.

Named as the “best overall front bike light”, the Recon HL 1800 was described as “one of the very best compact front lights out there”, and was noted as being an “improvement over its predecessor, the very good HL 1600”.

Throughout the review, Tillett paid compliments towards “improved features”, including a “200-lumen power bump, a more compact size and some Garmin head unit integration”.

Following on from this, compliments were also paid to the “very bright beam”; and the “improved usability compared to the HL 1600”.

The Recon HL 1800 was built to shine brighter, run longer and work smarter - with this in mind, Tillett stated that on the brightest setting “the reviewer could get two hours out of it”, while acknowledging that you would get “much more on lower beam settings”.

When it comes to ease of use, Tillett turned her attention towards the bracket on this smart, bright and efficient light that was both “secure and simple to use”.

Concluding the review, Tillett expressed that if you’re in the market for a “single unit/compact front light that can handle the darkest of conditions and impress in practically every measure that matters, it's hard to see past the Giant Recon HL 1800."

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